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Cardea Consulting Inc. brings an active approach to enhancing personal awareness and changing life skills for private clients and groups, as well as for corporate and educational clients.

We focus on the
art of vocal and body gesture for public and artistic presentations.

We offer to strengthen:

Presentational skills
Vocal and body gesture training
    Global communication and language skills for the international presenter

Life transitions skills
    Cardea Creative Consulting can assist in adapting the “the performance, the setting and the skill set” in the ever-changing daily and professional life.

Effective interpersonal communication skills in this technologically dependent world
    For everyone from teenagers to corporate executives, we teach direct, device-free interactive skills.

There is also a skill in creating the right space, the right attire, the right level of physical comfort with and for oneself and for welcoming others into our worlds. Cardea can offer guidance in these areas in
personal consultation sessions.

After training as a psychologist, and teaching corporate clients and professional actors, dancers, and students in the US and abroad for 35 years, I have found that I can address these issues in various workplace settings as well as in the day to day and on the stage.

My goal is to help people make themselves clearly understood through overcoming blocks to communication and self awareness.

–Ellen Hemphill