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Online sessions for individuals and groups are available through Skype, Gchat, or FaceTime. Contact us to find out more.
For individuals and small group sessions
  • Vocal awareness: vocal placement, fear of speaking, singing, presence
  • Body awareness: Gesture, energy, centering, breathing
Life transitions
Life transitions bring particular challenges, and Cardea Consulting can assist in altering the daily in:
Your performance
      • Voice and Body awareness
Your stage
      • How you “act” in different environments from home to work
      • How you bring what is uniquely you into your living and work environments
Presentational skills for private and corporate clients
  • Vocal placement/awareness
  • Body and space awareness
  • Personal presence-personal attire consulting
  • Interpersonal (one-on-one communication)
  • PowerPoint presentation skills
  • Improvisational response
Language and culture skills
In this global economy, language difficulties and cultural skills are rarely addressed in the workplace. At Cardea, we have found that this work is not only in demand, but also necessary to improve communications within the workplace as well as between corporate offices. It is also an issue to address in teaching in Graduate and PhD programs.
  • Improving speaking skills for non-English speakers
  • Understanding cultural differences in giving presentations and interviews
  • Learning to hear beyond the language differences
  • Developing intercultural skills
For the artist: Enhanced body, vocal and energy training
Archipelago Theatre/CINE
Personal communication skills in a technological world
We also address issues of how technology dependence vs. direct life skills can reduce the interpersonal communication effectiveness from the teen to the corporate executive.

Technology has opened many doors through social networking and online communication. But in the same ways the skill to open doors in one-on-one communication as well as addressing a larger group is getting lost, we can lose the skill to be aware of oneself and perceive the needs of “the other” by our dependence on our phones, texting, and video communications. Whether it is in business communications, doctor-patient communications, relating to youth, or in personal relationships, individual can get lost the world of communication technology.